A Brief History of Klem’s Greenhouse, Inc.

Mark Klemmedson founded Klem’s Greenhouse in May 1985.  It was started in leased greenhouses in Duvall, Washington and moved to it’s present location in Redmond two years later.   Mark started the business to provide growers with a reliable source for Rieger Begonia rooted cuttings.  Tulips and Daffodils in tray paks were also offered to local garden centers the first year.  The second year finished Begonias sold to  local Florists were added to  the crop mix.

The Begonias cuttings were originally propogated from leaf cuttings to produce multishooted young plants.  In 1990 the change was made to the less expensive and more reliable rooted tip cutting.  In 1995 Klem’s started to ship unrooted cuttings.  There have been many other changes and refinements through the years, other crops were added but later dropped leaving the business where it started, specializing in Rieger Begonias.

Let’s grow something together.

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